Honey skein

Honey skein with peanut filling
Insadong, Seoul, South Korea
May 2012

Rye walnut

Rye flour walnut stuffed with anko and a walnut 
Yeosu, South Korea
World expo 2012


Chausson aux pommes

The morning after the night before
La patisserie des reves
Paris, October 2011

Vanilla infused Mascarpone eclair

The box says it all.
Vanilla infused Mascarpone eclair
Infiniment Vanille seasonal specials
Pierre Herme on Rue Vaugirard
Paris, October 2011

Genmaicha Macaroon

Brown rice green tea macaroon
Sadaharu Aoki
Rue Vaugirard, Paris
October 2011

Croissant aux amandes

Yes, another one.
A breakfast on an autumn day
Paris, October 2011

'Molecular' Canape

Raw salmon, purple potato, mustard droplet, olive oil & silver salt
'Note a Note' dinner
prepared by LCB chefs under the auspice of M. Herve This
Paris, France
October 2011

Fresh fig Icicle

Friday morning summer treat
Tel Aviv farmers market
July 2011


Japanese Pancake filled with Anko

Fish Wagashi
filled with sweet red bean paste
Central London
June 2010


Tunisian Frikase

fried bun with preserved lemons, tuna, hard boiled egg,
potato cubes, pumpkin relish, capers and anchovy
Beer Sheva central market
June 2010